Ready to tell your

health story?

meprint™ is a personalized machine learning platform that helps Screenagers tell their health story. With meprint™, you can be the author of your health story.

Our Background

Our moonshot mission is to optimize the brain health of Screenagers everywhere!

What's a Screenagers? A Screenagers is someone who spends significant time in the digital world.  

We're specifically focused on a health population of 15-25-year-olds. We know this population intimately and are convinced that the best way to transform the culture of healthcare is to skip a generation.  

Screenagers want health care their way, and that's exactly what meprint™ delivers. 

Concussion symptoms unfold over time, and re-injuries often occur during the recovery period.  For these reasons, we created meprint™ to help Screenagers tell their health story to reduce concussion re-injuries.

In 2012, we began at HealthTechApps, Inc., designing the War2Home app to help veterans with traumatic brain injuries complete cognitive exercises on their iPhone. From our discoveries, we pivoted into sports concussions.  We're tackling a huge problem that continues to impact millions of young brains across the world.  

First App


Launched War2Home, an iOS cognitive rehab app for war-fighters with a combat traumatic brain injury. Partnered with Department of Defense to iterate app.


700 High School Student Athletes

Tested Prototypes

Tested technology prototypes for sports concussion platforms with more than 700 high school athletes.

Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 10.56.25 AM.png


First Investment

Received our first equity investment from XLR8UH & Sultan Ventures after completing both Phase I & II of their accelerator program.


Selected out of thousands 

StartUp Health Moonshot Company

HealthTechApps, Inc. was selected to be a part of StartUp Health's Moonshot Academy in December 2017. HealthTechApps was the first ever Hawaii moonshot company to be admitted and is focusing on the moonshot mission of brain health.