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Frequently Asked Questions 

What is meprint™? 

meprint™ is a personalized machine learning platform that captures, computes, and communicates concussion symptoms and triggers.  Users record a meprint baseline once a year.  If a user experiences a concussion, he/she will activate the meprint™  monitoring module and record short selfie videos during the recovery period.  These videos are then compiled into a time-lapse health story to give physicians superpowers to personalize concussion recovery plans.  With meprint™, physicians get rich data equivalent to 20 office visits in one visit.

How do I download and use meprint™?

meprint™  will be ready for download from the App Store after June 7, 2018.

How do I set up my profile?

At the moment, meprint™ is only availiable by specific individuals. Please send an inquiry via the contact page for more information. 

When do I use meprint™?

meprint™ has two main components. A baseline feature that you do when you sign onto the app at the beginning of the year and a monitoring piece that comes into effect after you are injured from a concussion. 

What's my PBHR?

PBHR is your meprint™ Personal Brain Health Record.  It includes your baseline video, profile, and brain health surveys.

How long do I record my videos?

You record a meprint™ baseline video once a year.  Then if you experience a concussion, you begin to record monitoring videos for the duration of your recovery period. Your physician will advise you on the timeline, it is usually 2 - 3 weeks, unless there are concussion complications.